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We specialize in offering reliable locksmith services to all our Clients in Melbourne. Our team of highly experience locksmith can help you in any way that you want and we guarantee you a professional work. There are so many instances that you might find yourself locked out and in need of a spare key to access your house, car and workplace. At any time you find yourself locked out of your property, you can request us to help you replace stolen or lost keys. We work efficiently and you can expect to get high quality service from us.

About Pro Locksmith Melbourne

With more than 10 years of experience, we understand what you expect from us. Affordability and reliability. Pro Locksmith Melbourne is fully licensed and qualified. We also follow the Master Locksmiths and The Locksmith Guild of Australia (LGA). We also ensure all technicians have background checks to give customers complete satisfaction. If you would like to use a professional with a private security license from the Victorian Police please request during your inquiry.

There is nothing frustrating than find that you are locked out of your house or car after working a long day.

To prevent instances where you are locked out of your own business and property, consider having some extra set of spare keys cut. At Pro Locksmith Melbourne, we can can create and duplicate extra keys for your residential rooms, business or workplace, car and property.

We ensure that our services are high quality and provide a guaranteed satisfaction to our customers.

Commercial Locksmith Services

If your business doesn’t have extra keys and the best locks in the market, consider upgrading your security system to a a higher level that will discourage vandalism and breach. We recommend our clients to use sophisticated locks that offer more security to the business and are hard for intruders to brake into.

We can help you replace lost keys for your business and also install new modern locks that can be monitored. If you haven’t changed your workplace locks for the last 8 years call a locksmith to review your whole security lock system and check for any imperfections. Old locks are easy to brake into and an intruder can use bump keys to gain access to all your workplace rooms. To be on the safe side, consider upgrading your commercial buildings with new sophisticated locks that are hard to break into.

Automotive services

Have you ever lost your car keys? if not, don’t even think about it. Loosing your car keys when you need them most can be very stressful and frustrating. You might be just leaving your workplace after a stressful day and then find out that your car keys are nowhere to be found. We recommend our clients to always have extra keys for their cars. When you have extra car keys,its much easier to relocate them than having to call us to duplicate your lost keys. If you require additional keys for your car, we can make extra keys for you at an affordable cost.

Emergency service

Sometimes you might lose your most important keys that grant you access to your home or workplace. If you encounter any situation that requires an emergency, you can contact us immediately and we will respond fast to your calls. Our team of Emergency locksmiths are highly experienced in dealing with emergency situations and can help you gain quick access to your property after loosing your keys.

Residential locksmith services

Sometimes it happens often when you leave your kids at home only to find out that they have locked out themselves. In this kind of situation, you only have two options to use. The first option would be to call a Locksmith for an emergency service or use your extra keys to gain access to your house.

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  • Melbourne South East
  • Mornington Peninsula and Bayside
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