I called Pro Locksmith Melbourne last weekend to assist me in moving into a new apartment, and they sent a very friendly, helpful and pleasant young man. He changed all the locks ( including the ones for the garage and the backyard shed ) and made sure that they all work using one key. Otherwise, he also helped with a few useful tips on how to take good care of the new locks in the future. Superb service.

-Danny, Melbourne Bayside

Being someone who dreads the times I have to deal with tradesmen ( given that most of them have a poor reputation for dealing cards under the table ), it was a welcome relief to deal with Pro Locksmiths last summer. Not only did they advise me the best locking options when I needed my front door fixed, but they also replaced the old one at a very affordable cost. Keep up the good work and thanks a lot

Mary, Ringwood

I have used Pro Locksmith Melbourne services twice in a row over the past two years, and it hit me that they might be they are one of the few, trusted locksmith experts here in Melbourne. The fist time, I needed my apartment to be re-keyed as the previous owner was a bit careless with the spares. This they did at a decent price. The second time was when I had a problem with one of the locks he had replaced. They fixed this at no cost at all! Such consistency is hard to find

Welbeck, Doncaster

One of the best things I noted about this service and its tradesmen is that they actually pick their calls and respond swiftly to any comments or concerns. To be honest and to speak from experience, it is at times very frustrating to call a locksmith service several times in a day without any meaningful feedback. Thank you Pros!

-Jorge, Richmond

I can’t even begin to put into words the relief that I felt when Pro Locksmith Melbourne responded fast to my call of distress one late night in January this year. I was stuck in a meeting for a couple of hours and by the time I got out I realised that I had lost my car keys. They didn’t waste any time in helping disable locks and drive home that night. The next day they called and offered to fix/replace them with better/automatic one. Excellent

Susan, Camberwell

They serviced the locks of a second-hand car that I had bought from a not-so-responsible dealer in record time. Thank you Pro Locksmith Melbourne, nice job!

-Sylvester Ian, Footscray

Excellent and quick. They went above and beyond the level of quality craftsmanship, these guys know locks.

Luis, Box Hill

It can’t better than this! If you have any locks related problems, then trust me, Pro Locksmith Melbourne are the people to call!

-Jessica, Essondon

Superb work! I just felt compelled to write this here after the work you did last night in my apartment. Thank you for all your help!

Kings, Croydon